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July 19 - 31, 2020

Monumental Mediterranean

Venice to Rome

The Six-Star Crystal Serenity

Join Roberta and Arnold Salob on this memorable cruise!

From the Doges Palace to the Sistine Chapel, a voyage blessed with monumental beauty – walled cities lining the Adriatic coast, villages clinging to cliffs in Italy and Sicily, the marvel of the Parthenon, the intrigue of Pompeii.

All this, plus Roberta and Arnold's exciting bridge program!

Participation in our fun-filled bridge groups is available only by booking direct with us at Bridge Holidays LLC

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July 19

Venice, Italy

July 20

Venice, Italy

July 21

Split, Croatia

July 22

Kotor, Montenegro

July 23

Corfu, Greece

July 24

Cruising the Adriatic Sea

July 25

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

July 26

Santorini, Greece

July 27

Cruising the Ionian Sea

July 28

Valletta, Malta

July 29

Taormina/Giardini Naxos, Italy

July 30

Sorrento, Italy

July 31

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

July 19 - Venice, Italy

Embark PM

July 20 - Venice, Italy

Depart 5 PM

One of the world's most enchanting cities, Venice is comprised of more than 100 separate islands and a labyrinthine of canals laced together by a string of 400 intricate bridges. A whimsical stroll through the city leads to a hidden world of ornately decorated piazzas and a legacy of Baroque architecture. Admire the richness of St. Mark's Basilica and the lavishness of the Palazzo Ducale.

July 21 - Split, Croatia

8 AM to 6 PM

Travel beyond the walls of one of the most majestic cities on the Croatian Adriatic Coast. Spilt has a prestigious reputation for impressive architecture, famous museums and cultural constructs that should not be missed.

July 22 - Kotor, Montenegro

8 AM to 5 PM

Few places in the world boast such clear architectural accounts of their full histories as does UNESCO-listed Kotor and its bay. Roam the city squares and enjoy sweeping ocean views as you follow footsteps through time, including fortifications dating from the 9th century, significant churches and cathedrals from the 12th-15th centuries, the 17th-century Prince's Palace and the 19th-century Napoleon's Theatre.

July 23 - Corfu, Greece

8 AM to 6 PM

Immerse yourself in this immaculately preserved island covered in cypress and olive trees. Corfu is considered one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets and its elegant downtown area, serene beaches and warm breezes will leave you truly captivated.

July 24 - Cruising the Adriatic Sea

July 25 - Athens (Piraeus), Greece

8 AM to 6 AM

Venture through Greece’s largest port city, Piraeus, as you make your way to the cradle of Western culture. Athens has long since been the location of myth and muse, and its ancient heritage is still an incredible source of inspiration.

July 26 - Santorini, Greece

7 AM to 8:30 PM

Of all the Cyclades Islands, Santorini is often considered the most dramatic with its dark landscape and iconic whitewashed buildings. The rich soil is ideal for grapes and local vines produce a cherished crop known for its special volcanic taste. Picturesque "Thíra," or Fira Town, laid out along the edge of a cliff at the rim of the now extinct caldera, exudes an easy charm.

July 27 - Cruising the Ionian Sea

July 28 - Valletta, Malta

8 AM to 6 PM

A treasure trove of cultures, Valletta is a monument to the past, founded in 1566 by the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John. Be sure to see the Magisterial Palace and St. John's Cathedral, lavishly decorated with the coats of arms and banners of the crusading knights. Beyond Valletta, the countryside, although austere and rocky, has a special charm.

July 29 - Taormina/Giardini Naxos, Italy

7:30 AM to 5 PM

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily was for centuries the center of the known world. Its unique geographic position made the island vulnerable to attacks, while also making it a meeting place of Mediterranean civilizations, a bridge between the East and West. Situated at the foot of Mt. Etna, Taormina embodies the essence of Sicily.

July 30 - Sorrento, Italy

7:30 AM to 6 PM

Dramatic bluffs and craggy cliffs draped with flowing pink blossoms are the welcoming vision to this romantic port renowned for its serene way of life.

July 31 - Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Disembark AM

Venture through Civitavecchia, noted for its fine seafood and beautiful monuments. Then, travel to the Eternal City of Rome, with more than 2,500 years of history and ancient landmarks that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.


All Fares are Per Person, Double Occupancy
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Port Charge: $540

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Category (Deck) Our Discounted Fares
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C3 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window (Forward)
$ 5,249
C2 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window (slightly limited view)
$ 5,649
C1 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window
$ 5,999
B3 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,349
B2 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (slightly limited view)
$ 6,499
B1 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 6,649
A2 (9)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,749
A1 (9)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 6,849
P2 (10)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,949
P1 (10)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 7,049
PH, SH (10, 11)
Penthouse w/ Verandah & Butler
$ 10,199
PS, SP (10, 11)
Penthouse Suite w/ Verandah & Butler
$ 14,049