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March 20 - April 03, 2020

Timeless Treasures & Ancient Cultures

Singapore to Mumbai

The Six-Star Crystal Serenity

Join Roberta and Arnold Salob on this memorable cruise!

Cross the Bay of Bengal to enjoy multiple overnight stays in fascinating lands. Discover Phuket’s imaginative culinary scene; explore the many UNESCO sites of Sri Lanka; and take in Mumbai’s captivating blend of glittering nightlife, hidden temples, exotic wildlife and urban vigor.

All this, plus Roberta and Arnold's exciting bridge program!

Participation in our fun-filled bridge groups is available only by booking direct with us at Bridge Holidays LLC

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March 20


March 21


March 22

Kuala Lumpur/Port Klang, Malaysia

March 23

Penang, Malaysia

March 24

Phuket, Thailand

March 25

Cruising the Andaman Sea

March 26

Cruising the Indian Ocean

March 27

Hambantota, Sri Lanka

March 28

Colombo, Sri Lanka

March 29

Colombo, Sri Lanka

March 30

Cochin, India

March 31

Cochin, India

April 01

Cruising the Coast of India

April 02

Mumbai (Bombay), India

April 03

Mumbai (Bombay), India

March 20 - Singapore

Embark PM

Singapore blends the contemporary splendor of a sparkling modern city with influences from throughout the Orient. Its history is one of riches and romance, spice trading and piracy, colonialism and growth. This island state has grown from a small fishing village to one of Asia's greatest success stories. Temples, mosques and churches stand as serene reminders of the varied collection of migrations that have graced its history. Discover the mansions and polo greens of colonial Singapore, the mystique of Chinatown and the heady aroma of spices and curry along Arab Street. You will quickly come to understand why Singapore is acclaimed as the "Crossroads of the East."

March 21 - Singapore

Depart 6 PM

March 22 - Kuala Lumpur/Port Klang, Malaysia

7:30 AM to 6 PM

Bustling Port Klang is the principal port of entry for Malaysia. The country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a suprisingly modern city of domes, minarets and spacious, tree-lined avenues. Her symbols of faith are visible at the Jamek Mosque, the city's birthplace.

March 23 - Penang, Malaysia

8 AM to 6 PM

Located on the spice routes, the British East India Company established a colony on Penang Island in 1786. Chinese, Indians and Sumatrans soon settled the island, yet the European influence remains strong. Enjoy the Chinese embroidery and Malay daggers in the Penang Museum, marvel at the Penang Bridge (third longest in the world), or view the harbor from breezy Penang Hill.

March 24 - Phuket, Thailand

7:30 AM to 6 PM

Residents call Phuket "The Pearl of the South," and one visit to this green, sun-soaked island in the Andaman Sea will show you why. The coast is a succession of magnificent beaches, the forested interior boasts virgin rain forests and numerous plantations-cacao, pineapple, rubber. The culture is a distinctive blend of Portuguese, Chinese and indigenous Chao Naam, a proud seafaring people.

March 25 - Cruising the Andaman Sea

March 26 - Cruising the Indian Ocean

March 27 - Hambantota, Sri Lanka

6 AM to 6 PM

Formerly known as Magampura, in ancient times it was part of a flourishing civilization in the Ruhuna Kingdom, which became a prominent center for Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Located on the southeastern tip of Sri Lanka, about 124 miles south of the capital city of Colombo, Hambantota is perhaps best known for its salt flats that run along the coast, collecting seawater which eventually evaporates in the mostly arid climate, leaving behind significant salt deposits. Cultural heritage attractions include well-preserved colonial buildings and religious temples and shrines. Located nearby is Kataragama, a major pilgrimage site sacred to Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. The city is also a gateway to such nature sanctuaries as Yala National Park, home to dozens of different species of wildlife including crocodiles, leopards, elephants, sloth bears, peacocks and more.

March 28 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Arrive 7 AM

Sri Lanka’s capital until recent times, this fascinating city is filled with an intriguing blend of cosmopolitan buildings and ancient temples. Enjoy the effects of Colombo’s melting pot of cultures, as Portuguese, Dutch, and British trading companies from earlier times have left behind churches, monuments, religions, and costumes, as well as smatterings of their languages, that have been incorporated into the speech and daily routine of the local Sri Lankans.

March 29 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Depart 6 PM

March 30 - Cochin, India

Arrive 2 PM

Cochin, the commercial hub of the Indian state of Kerala, has a magnificent natural harbor which has attracted overseas traders for hundreds of years. Ancient mariners from Arabia, Holland, Britain and Portugal have all left their mark on this cosmopolitan city, which is often called the "Queen of the Arabian Sea." This diverse influence has generated Cochin's uniquely cosmopolitan atmosphere and interesting architectural styles. Crystal Serenity's premier call at this city of peninsulas and islands will introduce you to a region rarely visited by cruise ships.

March 31 - Cochin, India

Depart 6 PM

April 01 - Cruising the Coast of India

April 02 - Mumbai (Bombay), India

Arrive 8 AM

India contains a bewildering variety of tribes, religions, cultures and languages-and most are present in Mumbai, one of the world's most densely populated cities. Remnants of British rule along oceanfront Marine Drive stand alongside the thought-provoking former home of Mahatma Gandhi, and the cave temple at Elephanta with its second-century Hindu gods.

April 03 - Mumbai (Bombay), India

Disembark AM


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C3 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window (Forward)
$ 4,399
C2 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window (slightly limited view)
$ 4,799
C1 (7)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Large Picture Window
$ 5,149
B3 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,149
B2 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (slightly limited view)
$ 6,299
B1 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 6,449
A2 (9)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,549
A1 (9)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 6,649
P2 (10)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 6,749
P1 (10)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah
$ 6,849
PH, SH (10, 11)
Penthouse w/ Verandah & Butler
$ 10,099
PS, SP (10, 11)
Penthouse Suite w/ Verandah & Butler
$ 13,699