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September 25 - October 05, 2018

New York City to Montreal

Fall's Grandeur

The Six-Star Crystal Symphony

Join Roberta and Arnold Salob on this memorable cruise!

Bike the famous carriage trails of Acadia National Park, tour the summer 'cottages' of America's founding industrialists, and visit Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, revered for its art as well as its architecture.

All this, plus Roberta and Arnold's exciting bridge program!

Participation in our fun-filled bridge groups is available only by booking direct with us at Bridge Holidays LLC

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September 25

New York City (Brooklyn), New York, USA

September 26

New York City (Brooklyn), New York, USA

September 27

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

September 28

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

September 29

Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

September 30

Cruising the Bay of Fundy

September 30

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

October 01

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

October 02

Cruising the Gulf of St. Lawrence

October 03

Cruising the Saguenay River

October 04

Québec City, P.Q., Canada

October 05

Montréal, P.Q., Canada

September 25 - New York City (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Embark PM

Welcome to one of the world's most famous and exciting cities. Just a short ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, the treasures of the Big Apple awaits. Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Building and Central Park are just some of the celebrated spectacles this bustling city has to offer. Giovanni da Verrazano was the first European to glimpse Manhattan Island in 1524, but the area was not explored until Henry Hudson arrived in 1609. It is said that Peter Minuit bought the entire island from Native Americans for $24 worth of beads and trinkets in 1629 - the biggest real estate bargain in history. In 1664 the Dutch surrendered to a British Fleet, and the town was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York. George Washington was inaugurated here in 1789, and for a time, New York served as the country's capital. Since then, the city has grown spectacularly and has become one of the most exciting and electrifying cities in the country - not to mention one of the most rewarding to visit and explore.

September 26 - New York City (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Depart 7 PM

September 27 - Newport, Rhode Island, USA

7 AM to 4 PM

Newport, Rhode Island, is a stylish, world-famous yachting center with a long tradition of elegance. For almost a century and a half, it was the home of the America's Cup yachting races. The colonial sections of Newport boast many authentic historic buildings, some dating back to the 1600s. However, most impressive of all, are the opulent mansions built at the turn of this century by industrial tycoons along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Avenue. Fashioned after the palaces of Europe their interiors boast lavish use of marble, alabaster, gilt, mosaics and stained glass complemented by magnificent furnishings and fine tapestries. You'll be spellbound listening to the legends and stories of families such as the Morgans, Astors, Fishers and Vanderbilts, all of whom had "cottages" here. Although Rhode Island is America's smallest state, it has a legacy of history and tradition that far outweighs it size.

September 28 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

9 AM to 8 PM

Relive nearly four hundred years of history as you explore myriad sights of Boston, a city that exudes pride in its past and future. Superb shopping abounds and sightseeing attractions are legendary. You'll revel in exploring the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church and the Boston Common. A few miles away lie Lexington and Concord where the momentous events that began in 1775 come alive. Boston has not been content to rest on the laurels of its glorious past. Progress is everywhere. Glazed high-rises soar skyward and the colorful waterfront area has been artfully renovated. Your visit to this thriving metropolis is bound to impress.

September 29 - Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

8 AM to 5 PM

Cradled off the craggy coast of Maine lies Mount Desert Island and the charming seaport town of Bar Harbor. Earlier last century, when it was the summer retreat of millionaires, it boasted magnificent estate homes, or "cottages," many of which were completely destroyed by the fire of 1947. However, some things never change. The priceless asset of the island's scenic beauty remains untouched by time. Vistas of emerald-green forests and rugged valleys from the superb vantage point of Mount Cadillac remain just as spectacular, and the rugged shoreline scenery is still as awe inspiring as it ever was. The choice is yours. Take a scenic drive through some of Maine's most spectacular scenery or stroll along the picturesque main street with its inviting shops and galleries. Perhaps you will choose to sample some of North America's most delectable seafood at an authentic lobster bake, or cruise the fascinating coastal area.

September 30 - Cruising the Bay of Fundy

September 30 - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

7 AM to 5 PM

St. John's is the capital of Newfoundland and the largest city in the province. Surrounded by a narrow landlocked harbor on the east coast of the Avalon Peninsula it is the most easterly city in North America. This remarkable port city has experienced a long and colorful history. Europeans arrived in the 16th century to exploit nearby fishing grounds and have left an indelible print on the city. As such, St. John's is known as the oldest city founded by Europeans in North America and much of its history is steeped in legend. Although the most popular theory regarding the origin of the city's name dates back to John Cabot's 1497 arrival, the most likely source stems from Portuguese explorer Gaspar Corte-Real, who first visited the harbor in 1500 and named the distant Waterford River St. John's River. St. John's retains an Old World charm with its narrow winding streets similar to those in London and much of its architecture resembles that found in small Irish towns. The city boasts an impressive array of churches and parkland while spectacular vistas abound from Signal Hill and Cape Spear.

October 01 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

10 AM to 8 PM

As your Crystal ship approaches the pier, bagpipers bid a warm welcome to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia and the most Scottish of all Canada’s great cities. Fall in love with Halifax’s architectural blend of old and new. The Citadel Fortress, which dates back to the city’s founding in 1749 with the present complex completed in 1856, stands over the thriving downtown area, where modern office and hotel blocks nestle alongside the exquisitely restored Historic Properties waterfront shopping area. Shoppers will delight in the authenticity of buys from colorful Scottish tartans to pewter and superb hand-knit woolens. Nova Scotians claim they have the freshest air and warmest smiles in Canada.

October 02 - Cruising the Gulf of St. Lawrence

October 03 - Cruising the Saguenay River

October 04 - Québec City, P.Q., Canada

7 AM to 5 PM

Québec stands proudly beside the majestic St. Lawrence River, resembling no other city in the world. Its cuisine, language and traditions combine to make this a unique cradle of French civilization in North America. Within fortress walls high atop Cap Diamant, the old city is a sheer delight for lovers of history. Here, magnificent churches, cobbled streets, fragrant gardens and chic boutiques all vie for your attention. Just outside the city, you'll discover a veritable riot of fall colors, North America's largest shrine, picturesque villages and an impressive waterfall. At the end of the day, there is the tempting opportunity to discover the French art of good cooking at some of North America's finest restaurants.

October 05 - Montréal, P.Q., Canada

Arrive 10 AM

Cosmopolitan Montréal is Canada's second-largest city and cultural capital. It is the third-largest French-speaking city in the world and has been dubbed the "Paris of the North."

Cultural contrasts are widespread as, although Montréal is predominantly French in culture, ethnic diversity abounds.

This is a city of great charm, as you'll discover in its sympathetic blend of the old and the new, from the Place d'Armes and its beautiful 18th-century buildings to the ultra-modern downtown area.

Montréal received international acclaim when it hosted Expo `67 and the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. Its exuberant vitality promises to keep it at the forefront of great world cities well into this century and beyond.


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E2 (8)
Deluxe Room, picture window, extremely limited view
$ 3,230 ( $ 4,200)
E1 (7, 8)
Deluxe Room, picture window, limited view
$ 3,490 ( $ 4,540)
D (5)
Deluxe Room, picture window
$ 3,775 ( $ 4,905)
C2 (7)
Deluxe Room, picture window (Forward)
$ 4,335 ( $ 5,630)
C1 (7)
Deluxe Room, picture window
$ 4,465 ( $ 5,805)
B2 (8)
Deluxe Stateroom w/ Verandah (Forward)
$ 4,645 ( $ 6,505)
B1 (8)
Deluxe Room, verandah
$ 4,715 ( $ 6,595)
A3 (9)
Deluxe Room, verandah (Forward)
$ 4,805 ( $ 6,730)
A2 (9)
Deluxe Room, verandah (slightly limited view)
$ 4,930 ( $ 6,900)
A1 (9)
Deluxe Room, verandah
$ 4,970 ( $ 6,965)
SH, PH (9, 10)
Penthouse, large verandah, butler
$ 7,365 ( $12,885)
SS, PS (10)
Penthouse Suite, large verandah, butler
$ 9,940