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July 01 - 29, 2018


Into the Midnight Sun & Irish Sea Soliloquy

London Roundtrip

The Six-Star Crystal Serenity

Join Roberta and Arnold Salob on this memorable cruise!

Journey through glacier-carved mountains and indigo-blue waters to reach the top of the world, to a wondrous land of picturesque villages and dramatic landscapes.

An enriching study of the Emerald Isles features overnights in Dublin and Edinburgh, a maiden call in Dundee and visits to Europe's charming Low Countries.

All this, plus Roberta and Arnold's exciting bridge program!

Participation in our fun-filled bridge groups is available only by booking direct with us at Bridge Holidays LLC

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July 01

London/Dover, England

July 02

Cruising the North Sea

July 03

Bergen, Norway

July 04

Flåm, Norway

July 05

Geiranger, Norway

July 06

Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 07

Lofoten/Gravdal, Norway

July 08

Tromsø, Norway

July 09

Honningsvåg, North Cape, Norway

July 10

Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 11

Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 12

Olden, Norway

July 13

Stavanger, Norway

July 14

Cruising the North Sea

July 15

London/Dover, England

July 16

Guernsey/St. Peter Port, Channel Islands

July 17

Dublin, Ireland (overnight)

July 18

Dublin, Ireland

July 19

Belfast, United Kingdom

July 20

Greenock, Scotland

July 21

Cruising the Irish Sea & North Atlantic Ocean

July 22

Dundee, United Kingdom

July 23

Edinburgh/Queensferry Landing, Scotland (overnight)

July 24

Edinburgh/Queensferry Landing, Scotland

July 25

Cruising the North Sea

July 26

Amsterdam, Netherlands (overnight)

July 27

Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 28

Zeebrugge, Belgium

July 29

London/Dover, England

July 01 - London/Dover, England

Depart 6 PM

London: Legendary landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament Square, Whitehall, the Tower of London and the fashionable West End will prove exceedingly fascinating, whether this is your first trip or a long-anticipated reprise. The ship will sail roundtrip from the Port of Dover, renowned for its spectacular white cliffs and historic medieval castle, Dover is also a gateway to such nearby points of interest as Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and famous Leeds Castle.

July 02 - Cruising the North Sea

July 03 - Bergen, Norway

9 AM to 9 PM

Bergen, "Capital of the Fjordland" and Norway's second-largest city, was founded in 1070 AD. In its heyday, Norwegian Kings resided here. It was the largest city in Norway and there were no less than 27 churches and abbeys. Bergen is an immaculate city, set between the mountains and the sea, where traditional values hold firm over transitory ways. The local people take great pride in the rich heritage of this, one of Norway's premier cities.

July 04 - Flåm, Norway

8 AM to 6:30 PM

After gliding serenely into majestic Aurlandsfjord, the ship will berth in the tiny village of Flåm. Boasting dramatic nature and a serene atmosphere, Flåm is situated in the innermost part of the Sognefjord and surrounded by breathtaking mountains. From this tranquil area, dwarfed by towering mountain peaks, one of the world's most remarkably engineered railway lines originates and winds its way far above the sea. The 13-mile train journey provides views of some of Norway's wildest and most magnificent scenery. The twisting tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain are manifestations of the most daring and skillful engineering in Norwegian railway history. Rivers cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascade down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and farms cling dizzily to the sheer slopes of cliffs. At the foot of the mountains, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Flåm Valley and admire the majestic Aurlandfjord, a branch of the world's longest fjord, the Sognefjord.

July 05 - Geiranger, Norway

12 Noon to 6 PM

Geiranger village is located along the picturesque snow-covered Geirangerfjord in central Norway. One of the most dazzling of all Norwegian fjords, the Geiranger has been visited by touring ships for more than 100 years. Impressive mountains, numerous waterfalls and farms clinging precipitously to steep hillsides combine to give this area its unique character.

July 06 - Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 07 - Lofoten/Gravdal, Norway

Lofoten: 8 AM to 9 AM

Gravdal: 12 Noon to 6 PM

Situated above the Arctic Circle in the central part of the Lofoten archipelago, Gravdal boasts breathtaking scenery, highlighted by glacier-carved mountains and indigo waters embracing colorful wooden buildings typical of Norway. Especially dramatic against the hard, blue sky is the red wooden tower of the Buksnes Church. Built in 1905 in a Dragestil design, the church showcases an architectural style popular in Scandinavia in the early 20th century characterized by steep roofs, large eaves and Norse motifs such as serpents and dragons. While mystical creatures like these appear only in inanimate, decorative form, real-life animals such as whales, sea eagles and seals can be seen with jaunts by kayak, bike, boat or foot.

July 08 - Tromsø, Norway

12 Noon to 8 PM

Tromsø, the capital of Troms province is known as "the capital of the Arctic." It lies on a forest-covered island in a narrow waterway, hemmed in by steep mountains and connected to the mainland by a bridge. This city has long been renowned as an important center of science and exploration. The imaginative Arctic Cathedral, the Polaria Centre and a scenic cable car ride are among the varied attractions Tromsø offers to its visitors.

July 09 - Honningsvåg, North Cape, Norway

10 AM to 10 PM

In the early afternoon your Crystal ship docks at the peaceful town of Honningsvåg set on Mageroy or "Meager" Island. Fishing is the dominant industry for the island's 3,500 inhabitants. Honningsvåg is your gateway to the North Cape plateau, Europe's northernmost promontory, with its infinite views over the vast expanse of the Artic Ocean.

July 10 - Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 11 - Cruising the Norwegian Sea

July 12 - Olden, Norway

8 AM to 6 PM

Olden and the surrounding area is an artful juxtaposition of charm and natural majesty. From a historic 18th-century church and a variety of small shops and cafes in Olden, to the south lies Briksdalsbreen, an amazingly blue glacier whose impressive beauty is fair reward for a hike along a picturesque winding path affording glimpses of picture-postcard vignettes of waterfalls, rivers and mountains.

July 13 - Stavanger, Norway

12 Noon to 7 PM

For centuries, Stavanger and its surrounding areas have played a leading part in Norway's maritime history - from the time when Viking kings battled in Hafrsfjord, through the period of the "White Sails," steamships and modern super tankers. As a result of its prime geographical location, Stavanger is considered the most important oil city in Norway.

July 14 - Cruising the North Sea

July 15 - London/Dover, England

6 AM to 6 PM

July 16 - Guernsey/St. Peter Port, Channel Islands

8 AM to 6 PM

Charming Guernsey, with its cobbled streets, is a mere 25 square miles in size, offering a host of enticing visitor attractions. Although geographically closer to France, it has remained staunchly British through the ages. Today, its diverse culture reflects the best of both worlds. Pastel-colored houses rise layer upon layer behind St. Peter Port, the island's picturesque main town. Beyond, you discover a wealth of activities centering around goldsmiths, silversmiths, wood carvers and clockmakers.

July 17 - Dublin, Ireland (overnight)

Arrive 5 PM

The Irish capital, Dublin, enjoys one of the loveliest settings in Europe. Craggy Howth Head shelters the natural harbor at Dublin Bay and the gurgling River Liffey flows through the center of town. The ancient Egyptians, as well as Norman and Viking warriors, visited Dublin. However, the city's most pervasive surviving influences come from the 18th and 19th centuries when elegant Georgian mansions were first built along the river and then outward from its shores. The arts also flourished during this period and Dublin served as the birthplace of some of our greatest literary figures such as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and James Joyce to name only a few.

July 18 - Dublin, Ireland

Depart 7:45 PM

July 19 - Belfast, United Kingdom

6:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Having the gift of understatement and optimism, the Irish call their decades-long civil strife "the Troubles." Happily, the Troubles have settled down, making enjoyable visits to Northern Ireland, most notably Belfast, no trouble at all. Merely a village in the 17th century, Belfast grew by leaps and bounds during the Industrial Revolution. The manufacture of linen and ships (Belfast has the world's largest dry dock) brought not only prosperity to the city, but beauty. Ornate Victorian homes and grand Edwardian civic buildings line the streets. The city also has many quaint lanes populated by pubs and boutiques dressed with overflowing window boxes and brightly painted doors. While there is much to detain you in lovely Belfast, you might want to take the quick trip over the lough, or small bay, to Carrickfergus Castle, the best-preserved Norman castle in Ireland.

July 20 - Greenock, Scotland

7 AM to 9 PM

Greenock, a former shipbuilding town on the River Clyde, is noted as the birthplace of James Watt, the engineer who perfected the steam engine. Nearby is the region of Ayrshire, birthplace of Robert Burns, Scotland's most famous poet. Marvel at the dramatic landscape surrounding Greenock, your gateway to fairy-tale castles, glistening lochs, verdant countryside and the compelling city of Glasgow. Whether your interests include art, history, literature or architecture, this port of call offers insight and inspiration to all who visit.

July 21 - Cruising the Irish Sea & North Atlantic Ocean

July 22 - Dundee, United Kingdom

10:30 AM to 11 PM

The fourth largest city in Scotland, Dundee lies 40 miles north of Edinburgh and overlooks the Tay Estuary, a seaside location that has greatly influenced the town’s history. Dundee’s shipbuilding industry reached an apex during the golden age of sail, with the three-masted sailing ship RRS Discovery of the famed Robert Falcon Scott expedition being constructed here in 1901. One of the last of its type to be built in Britain, the ship is now on display at Discovery Point. Another vessel, the 46-gun frigate Unicorn, built in 1824, is one of the six oldest warships in the world and only a short walk along the riverfront from Discovery. You may also want to navigate your way to other city highlights, some quirky like the bronze statue of cartoon character Desperate Dan in the city square, and others historic, such as St. Mary’s Tower, the tallest existing medieval tower in the UK.

July 23 - Edinburgh/Queensferry Landing, Scotland (overnight)

Arrive 8 AM

Dominated by a medieval castle on a towering crag, Edinburgh is the celebrated capital of Scotland and boasts more than a thousand years of vibrant historical heritage. The Exchange building, the famous Royal Mile featuring St. Giles Cathedral and John Knox House, as well as Palace of holyroodhouse, the Queens official, are only a few of the architectural masterpieces found in this delightful Scottish city. Note: Arrival and departure times for this port will depend on tidal restrictions.

July 24 - Edinburgh/Queensferry Landing, Scotland

Depart 10 PM

July 25 - Cruising the North Sea

July 26 - Amsterdam, Netherlands (overnight)

Arrive 8 AM

Amsterdam derives its name from a 13th-century protective dam. It is a beautifully preserved city with quaint architectural styles, priceless art treasures and welcoming people. Many of its wondrous highlights are located within the five concentric canals that gird the city's older neighborhoods and business districts. Whether cruising its waterways or visiting its exquisite galleries and museums, you will discover a wealth of fascinating sightseeing opportunities. A short drive away, characteristic towns preserve their traditional Dutch ways with intricate national costumes, sturdy wooden shoes and purposeful windmills.

July 27 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Depart 7 PM

July 28 - Zeebrugge, Belgium

8 AM to 7 PM

Belgium is a patchwork of small farms, picturesque rivers and natural lakes. It is dotted with ancient cathedrals and wonderful museums with awe-inspiring art. Zeebrugge, a small town located on the western side of Belgium, dates back to the beginning of the Christian calendar. A crossroad in the English Channel for centuries, Zeebrugges is the gateway to Flanders, whose Golden Age heritage resides in three historic cities: Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. In this region, museums proudly display the glories of the old Flemish masters, from Van Dyck to Rubens. The summertime is a delight showcasing colorful flower-filled window boxes and the graceful arcs of windmills.

July 29 - London/Dover, England

Arrive 6 AM


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